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Blogging for what?

November 23, 2007

Ok, wait, this is a blog, right? But, did you know… I am putting nothing on here.
No that’s a lie… at least this is something. So what to blog about? Well, I couldn’t figure, I think I’ll just write some crap in here… but wait… checking Google gave too many results on crap blogs… hmmm…

So, now, what am I blogging here for? Well, I’d say, I’m wasting time, because I have, at least for the moment, got nothing better to do…
So what will be here? I think, after getting a comment from someone called Jason (do I happen to know you?), I’ll really blog about myself, my point of view of the world, and such things. I checked up some blogs of other people to see what they are writing about, but aparently there wasn’t anything which would really fit for me.
So my blog will not be:

  • Some information and news portal (I don’t read and watch news… so why writing them?)
  • A reference for images (I have a gallery…)
  • A diary (privacy, folks, privacy)
  • A library :D (wonder why some people do…)
  • A download portal (traffic is too expensive)
  • A collaboration (yeah, just me :P )
  • Genre focused  (mix it :) )
  • Everything else I forgot (not quite, though)

Maybe it’ll be a bit funny to read things here, but also it will require to be intelligent at some point. Stay tuned, days will rock. ;)

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