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New ICQ Movie

February 26, 2008

That’s pretty cool, I think I can post this here if it’s on YouTube. There was once another ICQ movie, but I never got my hands to it.

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Facebook and inviting ICQ contacts

February 23, 2008

There must be some bug in the Facebook Invite system. I am being told by several people I have invited them to Facebook. But I haven’t. I just wanted to invite one person, some pal from Japan, and somehow I have a problem now. I hope the guys over there, are going to check the […]

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Are you popular?

February 22, 2008

Nobody really knows who I am, but in fact I am a little too popular out there I guess. I’d really like to know, who I am, please, somebody, tell me, because I don’t know. In fact, being popular does not mean to be a good thing, you can be popular for bad things, too. […]

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Some quotes of mine

February 20, 2008

1 If you have a puzzle, and a piece is missing, you’ll automatically start to search for that missing piece. No matter, what the puzzle might look like. 2 If god existed, and it created earth, it’d have to have it created including its past, present and future. 3 Whenever there happens something good, which […]

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February 12, 2008

I don’t harrass people, but it’s quite common these days as it seems. I know people don’t like me that much after they did something, I obviously didn’t like. In most cases what they did, whenever just in the slightest kind, was illegal and I initiated legal actions, or am going to, they like me […]

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13799791163 messages…

February 2, 2008

I had a look at my ICQ message history today… and this is what I saw: seriously, how can this be… I need to add, I don’t like to open my history, because it takes ages to load (it took me 23 minutes this time) and the file is of ~21GB size…

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