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Anonymity and Phones

April 23, 2008

In my opinion, anonymity is a really great thing. It really is. You can read stuffs on the net for free and without the need of providing your identity. That’s great. Really. There is nothing better than being anonymous, I guess. It’s somewhat like an ability to hide from your surroundings. Some power you can […]

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April 14, 2008

Had a bit too much time, do you think it’s good? I have pale skin I am damn thin Some might think… I’m strange… My long edge teeth My bloodred lips and of course this weird… lust for blood longing for the beautiful… [REFRAIN] I’m just a vampire, livin’ in a coffin, I die, just […]

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The second riddle is…

April 9, 2008

The password is another word for perhaps.

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Protected: a secret post

April 9, 2008

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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April 8, 2008

What do you fear? What I fear, I cannot tell, but it must be something ordinary. I don’t fear the most weird and dangerous things. It doesn’t matter whatever it is. I just won’t care about it. If someone wants to kill me, even, then I reckon I’d shortly think about it, and then, I […]

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I hate harddisks

April 5, 2008

I don’t know why, but my harddisks always get damaged so easily. It only takes them about a year and then they’re almost trash. I always have to make this bunch of file recovery stuffs, I almost hate it. Somehow my storage devices did this to me again. Awesome harddisk crashes they are. Always those […]

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