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November 29, 2008

Since this blog is about weird stuff in general and most importantly about me, I’ll post a Facebook conversation thread with someone on here. No edits, changes, except for the name were made. The conversation is provided AS IS including but not limited to all typos and whatnot errors in it. Tough, I want to […]

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The OS of the Future or from 1984 to year 3000

October 24, 2008

I think the OS of the future thinks itself, we may have devices that recognize our thinking (electromagnetic wave detectors) and we can just IMAGINE what we might want to get done with our PCs and it just skips ahead and it’s done. The OS will probably be completely unrelated to hardware specs, everything will […]

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My ICQ Notes Xtra

September 17, 2008

So, this is about an Xtra for ICQ I wrote some time ago, when there wasn’t the openXtraz platform beta yet. Don’t ask, how I did that, I won’t answer, except maybe, if you work for ICQ, but then you probably know how, right? So, I wrote this xtra, even though I never made any […]

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I am here, but I’m not there

May 21, 2008

Maybe I’m here, maybe I’m not. It should be easy to figure out, as this wouldn’t make sense otherwise, because I wouldn’t be not there. But I am writing this message so this ought to be the case. I mean I shouldn’t be not not there. However it might be I want to confuse you, […]

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April 14, 2008

Had a bit too much time, do you think it’s good? I have pale skin I am damn thin Some might think… I’m strange… My long edge teeth My bloodred lips and of course this weird… lust for blood longing for the beautiful… [REFRAIN] I’m just a vampire, livin’ in a coffin, I die, just […]

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The second riddle is…

April 9, 2008

The password is another word for perhaps.

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Protected: a secret post

April 9, 2008

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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April 8, 2008

What do you fear? What I fear, I cannot tell, but it must be something ordinary. I don’t fear the most weird and dangerous things. It doesn’t matter whatever it is. I just won’t care about it. If someone wants to kill me, even, then I reckon I’d shortly think about it, and then, I […]

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The ICQ toothpaste

March 16, 2008

ICQ decided to make some advertisement on packaging for toothpaste. They partnered with the pharmacy company CTS, who are going to print the ICQ logos and some cool green on the stuff. The ICQ toothpaste will certainly help with the instant messaging, especially with the video conversations, as you know, brushing your teeth will reduce […]

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The password protected post

March 14, 2008

I posted this password protected secret post, over here. About the password, and how to type it in: All post protection passwords I will use on this blog, will be one or multiple words without any spaces or punctuation in between. All letters will be alphanumeric characters in lower case. And of course, all passwords […]

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