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Me and ICQ

December 19, 2007

I know, this is geeky maybe, but weird anyway, I like ICQ because it’s enabling me to talk to people far, far away. I think this is great as being psychic does not do anything here aswell. :)

Also I am helping people with their problems as far as I can on the ICQ Community Boards and Groups, for free. I am not being paid for this, and I don’t work for ICQ. However, now there are some annoyances I am facing by doing this. People try to send me messages vie the IM network, in order to get passwords for other accounts, which, as they say, have been theirs until their password stopped working and the ICQ password retrieval site doesn’t work for them either. Or their account got suspended.

As for the first thing, even if I wanted, I cannot help you, and ICQ does not provide such kind of customer support anymore. For the latter one, ICQ will only suspend accounts if you have been violating the ICQ Terms of Service, probably by sending spam through the network, no matter how you did. I cannot help you with anything, which would require me to do something to the ICQ users database in general.

I do not work for ICQ, but I can help you with problems like usability issues, installation problems and such, which do not require changes to the server side parts of the ICQ service. Also I won’t help you if you send me a message, nor do I authorize people requesting help, use the ICQ Boards and I will help you, because this way others can find my answers, as well as those of others, later on, if they have the same question.

Please do not send me an ICQ message, if you have an ICQ problem or question. I simply don’t have the time and the nerves to answer and such messages get ignored, I am busy, too. If I think it might be good to drop you a message, I will do so, but I will do it on my own, please accept that.

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  1. steven yang March 18, 2008 @ 1:04 PM

    dear dorian,

    i have looked through every possible answer through technical forums and noting answers my problem.

    i am an old ICQ user, but i’ve stopped using it for some time, so not only i forgot my password, i couldn’t retrieve my password because i also forgot my old email, but i am in urge to get my old ICQ list back, there are some important people in there…in this case, what can i do? or would you be so kind to give me some help? thank you and sincerely yours.

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