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I’m a spy!

March 5, 2008

I’m a spy. I’m trying to invade you, looking at your most private moments. Using weird methods to know what you think. Figuring out the truth with sophisticated methods. Looking up everything I can find. And all that to gain absolute control over anything.

Whenever I have an aquaintance I’m using Google to figure out what’s available. A name’s worth so much. I’m searching all social networking sites. I’m even using other spys to let them search. To figure out anything I can get. All the information I could possibly use, in order to know you any better, in order to do you a favor or even invade you, in order to be a step ahead, in order to surge forward, stepping up a level higher, even higher than ever before, to always beat you. Because I just don’t want to loose.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but you know, in fact I’m lazy. All I want you is to fear me. Just to do, what I want you to. Just to control you. All of you out there, be my puppets in this game, this little game, I just so desperately don’t want to loose. Be my puppets and dance. Be my puppets and let your puppetier watch you. Silently watch you, in oder to control you. Just to control you with those tiny and thin puppet’s strings.

OK, honestly, not really, I’m not so serious. :lol:

I’m just kidding you know? I was bored and wrote that, but never forget. Wherever you type your name on the web: Someone will always find you. :twisted:

But actually I don’t mind to be found. :)

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