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The password protected post

March 14, 2008

I posted this password protected secret post, over here. :)

About the password, and how to type it in:

All post protection passwords I will use on this blog, will be one or multiple words without any spaces or punctuation in between. All letters will be alphanumeric characters in lower case. And of course, all passwords will be in English, if not otherwise specified.

I am with this allowing you to riddle the password out, to read the entry and post a comment in good will. You may try to input a password and click submit, as a human being, to try and figure the password out, in order to read all the posts in the password riddle category. Any other posts are not included in this password riddle category’s policy, therefor don’t allow you to riddle out the password, and probably can’t be riddled out by a human being, either.

This however does not include trying a automated readout or brute force attack. If I am detecting a brute force attack, republication of the contents, or am notified thereof, I will initiate appropriate further legal actions, in order to stop you from your automated  readouts and copyright infringements. You furthermore agree to indemnification for any damages caused by your harmful actions. Thanks for your concerns. :)

Here, the first riddle:

The password is a compound of words you might say to someone, very dear to you. ;)

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