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I hate harddisks

April 5, 2008

I don’t know why, but my harddisks always get damaged so easily. It only takes them about a year and then they’re almost trash. I always have to make this bunch of file recovery stuffs, I almost hate it. Somehow my storage devices did this to me again. Awesome harddisk crashes they are. Always those sounds. It’s almost funny.

At first they start to cry with this desastring high sound. And after a while it goes ‘click….crrrr….clack’ and when it’s got to read data it’s getting even worse. ‘Click, crrr… click, click, click, click’ that’s what it sounds like. It’s really weird, but for some time, you might even get used to that sound. However, you shouldn’t. It’s a bad omen for computers in general, and an even worse for servers. And the bad things, and here I am talking about data loss, tend to happen, when you the least expect it.

And I tell you, I really like to loose my data. :cry:

Ok, goodbye, my harddrives, it’s been nice with you. Take all the data with you to the ground of no return. *sniff*

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