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Anonymity and Phones

April 23, 2008

In my opinion, anonymity is a really great thing. It really is. You can read stuffs on the net for free and without the need of providing your identity. That’s great. Really. There is nothing better than being anonymous, I guess. It’s somewhat like an ability to hide from your surroundings. Some power you can use to achieve something without the consent of others. However embarrassing or obnoxious it might be you’re doing, noone knows, and thus noone ever cares. It’s cool, really. And I am in no way against anonymity, really, because even I like to be anonymous sometimes. But you know, sometimes… ;)

However great anonymity might be, I hate it for being possibly abused by people, not using it in good will.
For example, we have anonymity options for our phones. We can hide our dial number and still call people. Even people we don’t know at all, for doing a so called prank call. You know, I hate prank calls. It’s so damn annoying, I can’t even stand it. As you probably know, there’s a phone number, here on this website for people to call, written in my profile. It is there for enabling people to cantact me. It is not there for people to call me in order to record annoying noises, especially not when they are supressing their own dial number. However sad it is, for those foreign people with providers that do not support sending their phone number, I had to turn it into a message box redirect. Leave an intelligent, and especially an understandable, message and I might get back at you in a few days.

However sad it is, and however much I like anonymity in networks, which includes cellular networks and such, in event of the actions people have taken, I cannot allow your anonymity anymore. I had to shut down another possibility of contacting and reaching me.
If you want to do a prank call, submit your number, so I can do the legal stuff, without having to ask the network providers in the legal process for the required information, because that’s hell expensive and risky.
If you want to contact me, and I may not know you, please find another way to reach me, thanks. :)

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