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When your ISP is great, and when it is not

July 10, 2008

There are some times, where people make mistakes, mistakes that are great for some of us, and not so great for some others. One part of such mistakes includes mistakes in management. There is nothing bad if that mistake does not disturb anyone or invades someones privacy, or, you know, does bad things to people.

There are ISPs that make mistakes. Mistakes like not restricting your bandwidth. I thought this was great, at least for me, because I could use my internet connection for various things. For example this website, with this blog you’re currently looking at, is hosted at my home. But you know, they fixed that bandwidth issue. Now, I don’t get the rest of my towns speed anymore. It was like downloading files at LAN speed. Or, running a server here was fine, too. So if any of my sites appears slow now… it’s probably my bandwidth limit that’s now properly applied. Google crawls are now giving my site the rest… :(

Well, aslong as it’s working I’m fine… :)
No, actually I’m just kidding about this. My ISP never did such a stupid thing, my wire is fast, the way it should be. I just maybe forgot those evil FTP hackers trying to bruteforce my password for the Administrator account. Well, I have no FTP account with such name, because I am not using the FTP solution that’s built into Windows Server 2003 but a thirdparty one. ;)

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