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The OS of the Future or from 1984 to year 3000

October 24, 2008

I think the OS of the future thinks itself, we may have devices that recognize our thinking (electromagnetic wave detectors) and we can just IMAGINE what we might want to get done with our PCs and it just skips ahead and it’s done. The OS will probably be completely unrelated to hardware specs, everything will JUST WORK (yeah, I hear people crying) but hey, for the freaks, we will have the tools to MAKE things even more WORKING. Everything on your computer will work like Lego. You’ll have pieces to put together that do the most ADVANCED things. And since our location won’t matter anymore, with implant AI chips in our palms we, the smart people, control the interest of the world by using our advanced brains and the interaction capabilities of modern supercomputers to wirelessly connect and hack other people’s brains. Brains might be the new ALIENATED storage. With multiple dozens of mirror copies of our worlds knowledge stored and synchronized all over the globe we have access to everything that is not protected. And protections will be gone, all states in high debts, since taxes were causing them to begin with. But the OS will keep us save, knowing where we will have to get our super healthy and efficient… ah wait I got lost.

The OS will be advanced in any way, thinking ahead of us, no matter what, computers may outdo the human brain with any calculation and bio system engineering will allow us to make us a new way to photoshop reality. Web search and cloud services will have been replaced with the ultimate galactic of information for 24 years already. Using your computer is no more, think, advance it, improve it, and make your thought real. Who needs input and software, when the PC will automatically build it and use self controlled actions to perform the tasks you want without any additional software. The OS gets smart, TOO smart. :)

PS: I’m bold lazy, think uppercase to bold. Hope I didn’t get too loose about… weird prospects. My mind was just floating out on the empty data grid in my neurons.

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