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March 5, 2009

Lycos Europe ended their webhosting services and it was necessary to change the service provider. Lycos suggested the provider STRATO, whereas all domains have been transferred there in late December 2008. However, STRATO does not provide any means to change the DNS server settings for the hostname aliases WWW and . so that it is impossible to point the domains to another name server. It is also not possible to use the dynamic DNS service provided, because it requires an update for every single fully qualified domain name that should point to a server that is using a dynamic IP address. The approach previously used to resolve the DNS was to use a wildcard CNAME entry to a single host that is updated through the No-IP service. STRATO and the registrar, under which name STRATO registers domain names have been asked to manually change the DNS settings. Both do not answer to those requests, nor did change the settings, yet.
A solution to this matter would have thus been to transfer the domains once again to another provider 60 days later. Both, the ICANN accredited registrar CRONON and STRATO have been asked to provide the domain transfer authorization codes. They refused the request and/or have not met the ICANN regulations to provide the authorization codes within the 5 day limit. This means, it is impossible for an unknown time span to provide you with any of the affected websites, including this one, because an internet service provider refuses to comply with both customer requests and ICANN regulations. This is an illegal violation of contracts signed by all accredited internet services authorities.

I’ll contact ICANN and see what can be done to resolve this issue.

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