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February 20, 2008


If you have a puzzle, and a piece is missing, you’ll automatically start to search for that missing piece. No matter, what the puzzle might look like.


If god existed, and it created earth, it’d have to have it created including its past, present and future.


Whenever there happens something good, which might make you happy, after some time, you either get bored or it passes away, and then, you’re sad again.


In order to confuse a person, do something ordinary, and then when someone expects you to do another thing, do something completely different.


We’re all the same, it’s just those slight differences we do not notice instantly, dividing us from each other.


Without constant changes, life would be nothing but boring.


Logic is infinite. The more complex it is, the longer you need to get to identify the next inherent component.


There are people looking like kids, there are people being kids and there are people acting like kids. Neither of them nessecarily kids.


There are certain things about the past. One thing is, we want to discover it, in order to gain back what we lost. The other thing is, we struggle from it, because we lost something, we cannot gain back.


In order to be fearless, you must find something to fear the most. Something you fear so much, that everything else is nothing against it. And then, you need to face the other things and master your fear thereof.

I wanted to come up with 100, but that’s been too hard. My IM history is long, but searching it is kind of a hassle. :lol:

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