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February 22, 2008

Nobody really knows who I am, but in fact I am a little too popular out there I guess. I’d really like to know, who I am, please, somebody, tell me, because I don’t know. In fact, being popular does not mean to be a good thing, you can be popular for bad things, too.

I don’t know how to express myself to others, because they don’t understand a thing. It’s hard to live like that. People always try to understand, well, that’s obviously normal, but in fact they only do, by comparing people, and matching similarities of those people. But it’s important to know, just because some people doing one thing, do the other, too, it does in no way mean, other people doing the same thing, do those other things aswell. People are different. They are all different from each other, even if they’re all the same, the small differences that there are make us unique.

I personally don’t like to fit in this scheme of people, people which simply live through out the day. I want to change things, find new ways for things out there.

And now, there is this geeky part of me, which doesn’t like the real life, and prefers the life on the web. I don’t like to walk around in the city, where all people are watching me. I somehow tend to attract attention, without doing anything. I’m just walking to my local library, and people look at me. I never saw people looking at others, so what is it? Is it good, or is it bad? As I have psychic abilities, I could probably tell, but yet, I can’t. Just because I can’t grab information at will. :(
So, in order to avoid those people looking at me, which makes me really paranoid, I’ll stay at home, sitting in front of my computer, coding some applications, weeding through forums, and maybe, if I’m bored using some social networks to waste time.

I am a kind person, and I like to help people with their problems. But what I don’t like is to be spammed by people having problems, requesting for help. It’s gotten too far by now, and I chose to block all those people now. As for me, I am most known on the ICQ network, the first social network, ever, and I am receiving too many messages these days. I have choosen to tick this option in ICQ now. It’s called “Accept messages only from contacts”. It’s an option which blocks all incoming messages, that are from people I don’t know, and thus aren’t on my contact list. It’s just sad, that there’s a problem with this, and it doesn’t properly work. But a least, it decreased those neverending messages to a minimal amount. I like this silence. :)

OK, whatever I wrote there… I don’t even get it anymore… :lol:

Are you outstanding and special, too?

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  1. anny March 5, 2008 @ 3:42 PM

    sure. we’re all special. i didn’t like it when people watch me,too. but i learned to ignore it. i don’t mind what people think about me. i am how i am. nobody can change me and that’s good so.

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