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Facebook and inviting ICQ contacts

February 23, 2008

There must be some bug in the Facebook Invite system. I am being told by several people I have invited them to Facebook. But I haven’t. I just wanted to invite one person, some pal from Japan, and somehow I have a problem now. I hope the guys over there, are going to check the AOL Screenname system. As the system treats ICQ numbers as screennames, and all screennames beginning with a number are treated as ICQ numbers internally. Facebook allows the usage of ICQ numbers to invite your contacts, and just simply treats them as screennames. That’s not good, if Facebook has a bug with properly sending those invites. And I specifically did not check the invite all contacts option.

I am sorry for bothering you with those messages, and I hope they are going to do something about those messages and the sent invite links. It bugs me a little, that those links now allow around 700 people to view my profile by just signing up.

I want my privacy back. :cry:

Hmm, whatever… I think I’ve got to live with that now.

Edit: I figured now, that they can’t view my profile by just signing up. Phew. :)

And I didn’t invite everyone… maybe because it was too many of them. :)

But still, I think I bothered some people with this.

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