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April 8, 2008

What do you fear?
What I fear, I cannot tell, but it must be something ordinary. I don’t fear the most weird and dangerous things. It doesn’t matter whatever it is. I just won’t care about it. If someone wants to kill me, even, then I reckon I’d shortly think about it, and then, I would accept it, let me kill and die. :lol:
No not really. But I wouldn’t care about being dead, though. When you’re dead, nothing is left, I can’t care about it if I don’t exist, right?
Anyways, back to the fear thing. I can’t tell what I fear, because it’d be the most obnoxious kind of weakness I could possibly expose. I just can tell, that there’s nothing more to fear for me anymore. However sad it is, it’s a problem.
Have you asked yourself this question once?
Oh, yeah, I asked myself this question a dozen of times. I always came to the same conclusion. No matter what it did, I can’t remember any detail, but still not forget. It’s hard to live in fear.

What do you think happens when you experience fear?
What happens, that’s fairly simple. You’re trembling. Because you’re cooling down and sweat, no matter how cold that it is. You still sweat and freeze. It’s really hard to live in fear. You always want to be dead, but you don’t want to die. Just go on living no matter what. In pain, forever trembling, deep inside.
And last: Are you really scared?
I don’t know if I’m really scared, maybe I’m just talking myself into it. And it’s all in the mind, wherever you go, to keep haunting you. But to cease the things you fear is yet, so terribly hard.
No, actually, I’m not, but I like it to appear as if that’d be the case.

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I hate harddisks

April 5, 2008

I don’t know why, but my harddisks always get damaged so easily. It only takes them about a year and then they’re almost trash. I always have to make this bunch of file recovery stuffs, I almost hate it. Somehow my storage devices did this to me again. Awesome harddisk crashes they are. Always those sounds. It’s almost funny.

At first they start to cry with this desastring high sound. And after a while it goes ‘click….crrrr….clack’ and when it’s got to read data it’s getting even worse. ‘Click, crrr… click, click, click, click’ that’s what it sounds like. It’s really weird, but for some time, you might even get used to that sound. However, you shouldn’t. It’s a bad omen for computers in general, and an even worse for servers. And the bad things, and here I am talking about data loss, tend to happen, when you the least expect it.

And I tell you, I really like to loose my data. :cry:

Ok, goodbye, my harddrives, it’s been nice with you. Take all the data with you to the ground of no return. *sniff*

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Spring, yay!

March 20, 2008

It’s finally spring again. :)
Not that special, though. The sun isn’t shining and it’s still cold outside. :(
That’s sad, I wonder for what there’s a window in this room I’m sitting right now, if the sun just won’t shine through it, to brighten my day.

Hope that’ll get better by tomorrow… :lol:

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Floating ICQ Contacts

March 17, 2008

Didn’t you remember this cool feature in an old ICQ version, which enabled you to add floating contacts? And you missed it in the newer versions?

“Icon on Top (On)” – You can use this option with specific users on your Contact List, so that their names always appear on your screen even when the ICQ program is minimized. 

Well, you can achieve a similar result, by using desktop shortcuts. :)

Therefore simply rightclick on your desktop. A context menu will open, letting you choose from various options. Here, choose New -> Shortcut.

A window will open letting you type in the location for the shortcut to lead to. Type in:

icq:send_message?uin=[your contact’s ICQ#]

For the [your contacts ICQ#] you can type in a ICQ number, an AOL screenname, or even a phone number with the full country code.

When you’re done, click Next. You will now be asked for a name for your new shortcut. Here, type in your contacts name on your contact list, or if you want, even something completely different. You should use your contacts nickname, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s your choice, you know. ;)

When you’re done, click Finish.

Now, you’ve got a working shortcut on your desktop, which will, if you double click it, open the message window for the choosen contact. But, you know, this default web shortcut icon is not that good. So now, rightclick on your new shortcut and select Properties. A window will open, letting you choose different things. Here, click on Change Icon, and another window will open. Maybe a confirmation window will pop up, telling you an icon could not be found. Ignore it in this case and simply click OK.

Now we have this window, where we can choose from various default Windows icons, but that’s not really what we want. There is an input bar, where we will type in:

C:\Program Files\ICQ6\services\icqApp\ver1\theme\IMAGES\Common\IcqIcons\WindowsIcons\win-icon-message.png

Then we click on OK.

Note: This will only work with ICQ6. If you haven’t installed ICQ into C:\Program Files\ICQ6\ or if you are using a localized version of Windows XP, this directory might be different. You will have to replace that part of the file path with the path you have choosen while installing ICQ.

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The ICQ toothpaste

March 16, 2008

ICQ toothpaste

ICQ decided to make some advertisement on packaging for toothpaste. They partnered with the pharmacy company CTS, who are going to print the ICQ logos and some cool green on the stuff.

The ICQ toothpaste will certainly help with the instant messaging, especially with the video conversations, as you know, brushing your teeth will reduce that yellow tone in them. :)

That’s a really cool idea, I kinda like it, let’s see if I can get one of them… :lol:

I want one. :lol:

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The password protected post

March 14, 2008

I posted this password protected secret post, over here. :)

About the password, and how to type it in:

All post protection passwords I will use on this blog, will be one or multiple words without any spaces or punctuation in between. All letters will be alphanumeric characters in lower case. And of course, all passwords will be in English, if not otherwise specified.

I am with this allowing you to riddle the password out, to read the entry and post a comment in good will. You may try to input a password and click submit, as a human being, to try and figure the password out, in order to read all the posts in the password riddle category. Any other posts are not included in this password riddle category’s policy, therefor don’t allow you to riddle out the password, and probably can’t be riddled out by a human being, either.

This however does not include trying a automated readout or brute force attack. If I am detecting a brute force attack, republication of the contents, or am notified thereof, I will initiate appropriate further legal actions, in order to stop you from your automated  readouts and copyright infringements. You furthermore agree to indemnification for any damages caused by your harmful actions. Thanks for your concerns. :)

Here, the first riddle:

The password is a compound of words you might say to someone, very dear to you. ;)

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Protected: a secret post

March 14, 2008

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Happy birthday to me…

March 13, 2008

Happy birthday to me, or… triskaidekaphobia extreme. Whatever you like best. :lol:

I was born today, nineteen years ago, at 3:13 AM GMT +1 (or at least that was what I was told). The number thirteen is a number proclaiming to be causing bad luck. Hmm if that’s really true, I guess I’d be screwed… like nothing.

I think for me, it’s rather my lucky number, even though, my birthday is and has always been a completely ordinary day.

Some history about today:
Lone gunman Thomas Hamilton shoots dead 16 children and their teacher at Dunblane Primary School in Scotland before turning the gun on himself.
South Moluccan gunmen seize 70 hostages in a Dutch Government building.
Opening of Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.
Voluntary driving tests are introduced into Britain – becoming compulsory in June.
Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh announces the discovery of the planet Pluto.
The lance ceases to be an official weapon in the British Army.
In South Africa, British commander Lord Roberts captures the capital of the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein, from the Boers.
First professional striptease at Divan Fayonau Music Hall in Paris.

Czar Alexander II, the ruler of Russia since 1855, is killed in the streets of St. Petersburg by a bomb thrown by a member of the revolutionary People’s Will group.


Formation of Scottish Football Association.

Astronomer Willaim Herschel discovers the planet Uranus.

So we got people assassinated, planets discovered, and… strange things happening on this day… in history. :?

Hmm… who else’s got birthday today? Anyone famous?

Emile Hirsch (actor in ‘the Girl next door [2004]’ and ‘Into the Wild’), Rachel Bella (actress in ‘the Ring’ and ‘A little Princess’), Will Clark (first baseman for 15 seasons and 1984 Olympics), Adam Clayton (bass player of U2), Dana Delany (portrayed army nurse in ‘China Beach’), William H. Macy (versatile actor in ‘Fargo’ and ‘Pleasantville’), Neil Sedaka (pop singer), William Casey (CIA), L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology), Percival Lowell (astronomer, studied canals of Mars)

Humm :? Not that bad a day, it seems. :)

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I’m a spy!

March 5, 2008

I’m a spy. I’m trying to invade you, looking at your most private moments. Using weird methods to know what you think. Figuring out the truth with sophisticated methods. Looking up everything I can find. And all that to gain absolute control over anything.

Whenever I have an aquaintance I’m using Google to figure out what’s available. A name’s worth so much. I’m searching all social networking sites. I’m even using other spys to let them search. To figure out anything I can get. All the information I could possibly use, in order to know you any better, in order to do you a favor or even invade you, in order to be a step ahead, in order to surge forward, stepping up a level higher, even higher than ever before, to always beat you. Because I just don’t want to loose.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but you know, in fact I’m lazy. All I want you is to fear me. Just to do, what I want you to. Just to control you. All of you out there, be my puppets in this game, this little game, I just so desperately don’t want to loose. Be my puppets and dance. Be my puppets and let your puppetier watch you. Silently watch you, in oder to control you. Just to control you with those tiny and thin puppet’s strings.

OK, honestly, not really, I’m not so serious. :lol:

I’m just kidding you know? I was bored and wrote that, but never forget. Wherever you type your name on the web: Someone will always find you. :twisted:

But actually I don’t mind to be found. :)

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New ICQ Movie

February 26, 2008

That’s pretty cool, I think I can post this here if it’s on YouTube. :)

There was once another ICQ movie, but I never got my hands to it. :(

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