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Facebook and inviting ICQ contacts

February 23, 2008

There must be some bug in the Facebook Invite system. I am being told by several people I have invited them to Facebook. But I haven’t. I just wanted to invite one person, some pal from Japan, and somehow I have a problem now. I hope the guys over there, are going to check the AOL Screenname system. As the system treats ICQ numbers as screennames, and all screennames beginning with a number are treated as ICQ numbers internally. Facebook allows the usage of ICQ numbers to invite your contacts, and just simply treats them as screennames. That’s not good, if Facebook has a bug with properly sending those invites. And I specifically did not check the invite all contacts option.

I am sorry for bothering you with those messages, and I hope they are going to do something about those messages and the sent invite links. It bugs me a little, that those links now allow around 700 people to view my profile by just signing up.

I want my privacy back. :cry:

Hmm, whatever… I think I’ve got to live with that now.

Edit: I figured now, that they can’t view my profile by just signing up. Phew. :)

And I didn’t invite everyone… maybe because it was too many of them. :)

But still, I think I bothered some people with this.

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Are you popular?

February 22, 2008

Nobody really knows who I am, but in fact I am a little too popular out there I guess. I’d really like to know, who I am, please, somebody, tell me, because I don’t know. In fact, being popular does not mean to be a good thing, you can be popular for bad things, too.

I don’t know how to express myself to others, because they don’t understand a thing. It’s hard to live like that. People always try to understand, well, that’s obviously normal, but in fact they only do, by comparing people, and matching similarities of those people. But it’s important to know, just because some people doing one thing, do the other, too, it does in no way mean, other people doing the same thing, do those other things aswell. People are different. They are all different from each other, even if they’re all the same, the small differences that there are make us unique.

I personally don’t like to fit in this scheme of people, people which simply live through out the day. I want to change things, find new ways for things out there.

And now, there is this geeky part of me, which doesn’t like the real life, and prefers the life on the web. I don’t like to walk around in the city, where all people are watching me. I somehow tend to attract attention, without doing anything. I’m just walking to my local library, and people look at me. I never saw people looking at others, so what is it? Is it good, or is it bad? As I have psychic abilities, I could probably tell, but yet, I can’t. Just because I can’t grab information at will. :(
So, in order to avoid those people looking at me, which makes me really paranoid, I’ll stay at home, sitting in front of my computer, coding some applications, weeding through forums, and maybe, if I’m bored using some social networks to waste time.

I am a kind person, and I like to help people with their problems. But what I don’t like is to be spammed by people having problems, requesting for help. It’s gotten too far by now, and I chose to block all those people now. As for me, I am most known on the ICQ network, the first social network, ever, and I am receiving too many messages these days. I have choosen to tick this option in ICQ now. It’s called “Accept messages only from contacts”. It’s an option which blocks all incoming messages, that are from people I don’t know, and thus aren’t on my contact list. It’s just sad, that there’s a problem with this, and it doesn’t properly work. But a least, it decreased those neverending messages to a minimal amount. I like this silence. :)

OK, whatever I wrote there… I don’t even get it anymore… :lol:

Are you outstanding and special, too?

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Some quotes of mine

February 20, 2008


If you have a puzzle, and a piece is missing, you’ll automatically start to search for that missing piece. No matter, what the puzzle might look like.


If god existed, and it created earth, it’d have to have it created including its past, present and future.


Whenever there happens something good, which might make you happy, after some time, you either get bored or it passes away, and then, you’re sad again.


In order to confuse a person, do something ordinary, and then when someone expects you to do another thing, do something completely different.


We’re all the same, it’s just those slight differences we do not notice instantly, dividing us from each other.


Without constant changes, life would be nothing but boring.


Logic is infinite. The more complex it is, the longer you need to get to identify the next inherent component.


There are people looking like kids, there are people being kids and there are people acting like kids. Neither of them nessecarily kids.


There are certain things about the past. One thing is, we want to discover it, in order to gain back what we lost. The other thing is, we struggle from it, because we lost something, we cannot gain back.


In order to be fearless, you must find something to fear the most. Something you fear so much, that everything else is nothing against it. And then, you need to face the other things and master your fear thereof.

I wanted to come up with 100, but that’s been too hard. My IM history is long, but searching it is kind of a hassle. :lol:

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February 12, 2008

I don’t harrass people, but it’s quite common these days as it seems. I know people don’t like me that much after they did something, I obviously didn’t like. In most cases what they did, whenever just in the slightest kind, was illegal and I initiated legal actions, or am going to, they like me even less. And such people keep bugging me. I am as always blocking those people, but sadly those instant messenger blocklists reach their limits…

I am always a bit amused when people add me, people like this one:

Harrassment via Windows Live?

It’s actually quite funny. :lol:

PS: If you are the one who added me, and you didn’t want to insult me, which I was guessing from your hotmail name, please find another way to contact me in a less provocative way.

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13799791163 messages…

February 2, 2008

I had a look at my ICQ message history today…

and this is what I saw:
13 billion messages in icq

seriously, how can this be… :?

I need to add, I don’t like to open my history, because it takes ages to load (it took me 23 minutes this time) and the file is of ~21GB size…

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Old blogs?

January 23, 2008

It’s funny what you can find out there. You can even find your old blogs, you tried once. I added the three posts with their exact prior date to the archives. :)

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Being tired…

January 13, 2008

You know, there are these days, in which you are really busy. Those days in which you got so much to do, making it impossible to handle all those things. You’re staying up late, real late in order to try to fill this gap, to get more work done. But the more you try, the worse it gets.

You stay up late, and do stuffs you need to do, or maybe things you want to do, and then maybe 2 AM or 3 AM you’re going to sleep. And then when you get up, finally, you take a look at the clock near you and you figure, you slept all day long. Damn it, again so much time was lost. And while you once again try to overcome this limit of time, you always stay up even longer, and longer. And you’re missing a day, and another day, and another…
While doing all this, you get confused, really confused. You’re asking yourself, what time is it now?, what day is it?, and you don’t really seem to know the answer, so you take a look at your calendar, and still, it doesn’t provide you with the information. Luckily there are digital clocks showing the date. All fine, you know the date again, you know what time it is, and you know where you are. But… that doesn’t solve your problem. You’re still asking, what’s going on? It always feels like you’re missing out something important. And then you’re guessing what it might be, but you wont find that part out, because it’s not there where you might be looking.

And this is the time, when you get tired, really tired, and then again you sleep a couple of days, bau yet again, this doesn’t solve the problem either. Just makes it worse, even.

And also, sometimes you can’t sleep all day long, sometimes you can’t get your work done, and sometimes, you can’t solve any of your problems. Sometimes you’re thinking, and on the other hand, there is nothing you seem to be able to figure out.

And you’re tired, really tired, walking through the day, and not even couple cups of coffee seem to help to get you awake. And it’s this thing, this kind of being tired, which kind of blows up your mind, makes you terribly confused, and uable to understand the simplest things. And even then, you can’t seem to get some sleep, sleep you so desperately need, because you don’t seem to have some time off, nor are even able to sleep at all, if you happen to have the time. It’s so horrible, you’re confused, and refuse to let things happen, even if you know they are going to happen anyway. And you don’t notice those things, because you’re so horribly tired. Sleepwalking all day long, neither really sleeping, nor being awake. And it’s driving you nuts, really nuts.

But yet again, you simply resign, and let it be. It happened, and you don’t seem to be able to do something against it.

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2008

Nothing happened, not the apocalypsis, nor anything remarkable. Just the usual things…

boring… :(

Happy new year everybody. :)

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Merry X-mas

December 25, 2007

Merry X-mas to all of you. :)

For me christmas has never been really special, though. There aren’t any special days in my life (speaking of good days). It’s like every day else, I’m lurking around over here, doing stuff and whatnot, like I’d do on every ordinary day aswell. It’s not like I am going to complain about it, it’s not worth doing so, and it can’t be helped either.

So I might share a wish with all of you reading this. Just the wish for a better world. :)

Might the days get better and happy holidays. :)

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Me and ICQ

December 19, 2007

I know, this is geeky maybe, but weird anyway, I like ICQ because it’s enabling me to talk to people far, far away. I think this is great as being psychic does not do anything here aswell. :)

Also I am helping people with their problems as far as I can on the ICQ Community Boards and Groups, for free. I am not being paid for this, and I don’t work for ICQ. However, now there are some annoyances I am facing by doing this. People try to send me messages vie the IM network, in order to get passwords for other accounts, which, as they say, have been theirs until their password stopped working and the ICQ password retrieval site doesn’t work for them either. Or their account got suspended.

As for the first thing, even if I wanted, I cannot help you, and ICQ does not provide such kind of customer support anymore. For the latter one, ICQ will only suspend accounts if you have been violating the ICQ Terms of Service, probably by sending spam through the network, no matter how you did. I cannot help you with anything, which would require me to do something to the ICQ users database in general.

I do not work for ICQ, but I can help you with problems like usability issues, installation problems and such, which do not require changes to the server side parts of the ICQ service. Also I won’t help you if you send me a message, nor do I authorize people requesting help, use the ICQ Boards and I will help you, because this way others can find my answers, as well as those of others, later on, if they have the same question.

Please do not send me an ICQ message, if you have an ICQ problem or question. I simply don’t have the time and the nerves to answer and such messages get ignored, I am busy, too. If I think it might be good to drop you a message, I will do so, but I will do it on my own, please accept that.

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